Tired of using flat irons every day to get straight hairs? Want straight hair without having to style it every day? While flat irons and blow drying methods can give temporary straightening effect to your hair, permanent hair straightening process can alter the texture of your hair from inside leaving it sleek and straight for a longer period, although new hair growth is not affected. Check out the below hair straightening creams that can give you permanently straight hairs.

Schwarzkopf Styling Strait Therapy Straightening Products 

The professional range of Schwarzkopf Styling Strait Therapy Treatment products are first long-lasting hair straightening system that straightens hair leaving them with an amazing shine and softness. The complete thermal system gives you permanently straight hair for around 6-8 months. Schwarzkopf hair straightening products is one of the best solutions preferred by professional hair stylist as well. 

Schwarzkopf Styling Strait Therapy straightening productsThe complete range includes- Schwarzkopf strait styling therapy tube, Schwarzkopf strait styling therapy Neutralizer, Schwarzkopf strait styling therapy treatment. 

Schwarzkopf Glatt Pouch (0, 1, 2)

Now you can experience hair that looks naturally straight with Schwarzkopf Glatt. The set contains a pouch of hair straightening cream and a pouch of conditioning balm. This duo set promises to make your hair softer, smoother and manageably straight.

Schwarzkopf Glatt pouch

Enriched with Keratin-Care-Complex which strengthens the hair and wheat based care complex to leave hair smooth and shiny Glatt pouch straighten even the frizziest hair. To use the products first apply straightening cream on dry hair section by section with a brush followed by conditioning balm after washing cream. 

Available in 3 Variants-

  • Glatt 0 for naturally very curly or frizzy hair, 
  • Glatt 1 for naturally curly or very curly colored hair 
  • Glatt 2 for naturally curly colored and porous hair. 

Matrix Opti Straight Hair Straightening Cream (Resistant & Normal)

Matrix opti straight hair straightening cream gives a permanent straightening effect conditioning your hair at the same time. The product can be used as a cold smoothing system while flatiron and blow dryer is used within the process to get more prominent results. Your hair will look relaxed, manageable and totally straight with full of shine after treatment.

Matrix Opti Straight Hair Straightening Cream & neutralizer

This permanent hair straightening cream by Matrix is in two different strengths on the basis of hair type.

  • Normal for medium to fine & naturally wavy/frizzy hair
  • Resistant for medium to thick & naturally curly/frizzy hair 

Matrix hair straightening cream is followed by conditioning cream neutralizer to neutralize the effect of cream on hair.

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