Hello Everyone, How are you girls? Today, I am reviewing Oriflame Tender Care Balm..Balms have always been very handy products. I always used to carry a Vaseline petroleum jelly in my purse due to it’s versatility. Be it chapped lips or cracked heels or dry hands….A jelly or balm always comes to rescue.

oriflame tender care

Price and Quantity of Oriflame Tender Care Balm: Rs. 249 for 15ml (MRP)      

Beautykafe Special Price : Rs. 237 for 15ml 

Ingredients :  Bees wax, vegetable oil as main ingredients.

Shelf life : 3 years

What Oriflame claims about Tender Care Balm Claims?

A totally versatile pot of magic based on bees wax and vegetable oils. Use on sides of eyes, lips, face, cuticles or any area which is dry, sore or roughened to instantly restore softness.

oriflame tender care

My take on Oriflame Tender Care Balm

I love it for the fact that it is a multipurpose balm. It can be used at any part that has dry skin, be it elbows, heels or lips.. It is even better than our old, favourite Vaseline petroleum jelly. Oriflame Tender Care Balm comes in a cute and adorable pot packaging. In spite of it’s cuteness it is not very hygienic so, make sure that your hands are clean before you dip your fingers in the pot.

oriflame tender care

Since, it gets completely absorbed in skin….It does not leave me with sticky feeling. It has vegetable oils which  hydrate the dry zones and flaky skin really well and takes off all the itchiness. Overtime, it has also healed my cracked heals. It works great with chapped lips and dry patches of skin on face, during changing weather. It is a travel friendly product. Consistency wise, it is almost similar to routine jelly balms. As you can see, the colour is tinted towards yellow. Smell is faintly perceptible by nose and is very mild and pleasant….which is not an issue since nobody is gonna smell your elbows and heels :p.

oriflame tender care

Thumbs up about Oriflame Tender Care Balm

  • Multipurpose balm
  • Cute pot packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Makes skin soft without greasy feel

Thumbs down about Oriflame Tender Care Balm

  • Contains parabens

Want to try out Oriflame tender care balm?

A twist to Oriflame classic favourite tender lip balm: limited edition cherry variant

Availability of Oriflame Tender Care Balm : Online on our site and through Oriflame agents

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