Natural products to cure Dandruff

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Dandruff is a very common skin condition that almost all people experience at one point in their lives regardless of their age. It not only affects scalp but can also affect any hair-bearing area or an area with even very small hair follicles such as ears, eyebrows, sides of the nose and beard.

It is good to use natural products to treat dandruff as chemicals can cause allergy and skin irritation. Tea tree is one of the best products available to cure dandruff. It is beneficial for skin and is very refreshing for scalp as well.

Vlcc Dandruff Control Shampoo with Rosemary oil and MentholVlcc Dandruff Control Shampoo with Rosemary oil and Menthol

This is a purely a natural product especially formulated to improve hair condition by fighting against dandruff problem. The shampoo contains Aloevera, Soap Pods, Fenugreek, and Margosa, Rosemary oil, Lemongrass oil and seems to be a good option to treat dandruff.

Margosa extract controls dandruff and combined with Rosemary oil helps in preventing scalp infection. The shampoo also cleans the hair and nourishes scalp, leaving them healthy and shiny.

Jovees Thyme & Tea Tree Anti Dandruff ShampooJovees Thyme & Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo

The product claims to cure dandruff. It is a herbal shampoo formulated using precious herbs that have proven therapeutic properties to treat dandruff. The shampoo is mild and does not make hair rough like most of the anti-dandruff shampoos. The ingredients have proven positive effect on hair; brings vitality and give natural strength to your hair.


IHA Biospume Anti Dandruff & – Anti Hair Fall ShampooIHA Biospume Anti Dandruff & - Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

The shampoo is an effective defense against dandruff and hair fall.  It contains natural conditioners such as heena, shikakai, bhringraj,  reetha, jatamansi and khadira  and thus suits all hair types. The shampoo nourishes and promotes growth hair leaving them soft and shiny with more volume.

Aryanveda Heena Hair PackAryanveda Heena Hair Pack

Aryanveda Heena hair pack nourishes and hydrates the hair and prevents dandruff. It contains Henna, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Hibiscus extract, Lavender oil & Margosa oil which provides shine and bounce to your hair thereby adding a new life to them. Apply the pack properly to uniformly cover the scalp and reaches the roots of hair. Wash when dry.

Lotus Neemactiv Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Lotus Neemactiv Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Neenactiv is especially designed to eliminate dandruff & relieve its flaking & itching. Its active herbal formulation includes mainly Soya Protein and Brahmni. Neem helps relieve dry and itchy scalp whereas Brahmni makes the hair silky, shiny and stronger.  It also control hair fall and encourages hair growth.

Bio-Margosa Anti Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

Bio-Margosa Anti Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo claims to eliminate the dryness, flaking, itching and deeply cleans the scalp and hair, thus eliminating other scalp infection associated with dandruff.  This soothing formula blends the natural sap of the margosa and euphorbia trees with the bhringraj herb, to help fight and control dandruff with pH balance sufficient enough to use everyday.


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