Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream is specially designed to give you a flawless complexion, smoothing it onto cleansed skin every morning and evening will give you skin that’s fair and glowing from within. It is suitable for all skin types.

Lakme Perfect Radiance

What Lakme fairness cream claims:

Designed to give you truly fair radiant skin, Lakme perfect radiance with white lily and sacred lotus acts on all six signs of skin darkening.

  1. Fades away spots
  2. Lightens skin color
  3. Helps even out skin tone
  4. Reduces oiliness
  5. Fades away dullness
  6. Controls tanning

Packaging Details:

The product comes in tub with an outer cover which is sweet pink in colour. The tub is compactly packed inside the cover with a thin plastic base. The tub which is containing the cream is somewhat purplish in colour with a lovely silver lid on the top. This combination makes the packaging classy and anyone will love it very much. The silver lid was firm and tight thus the product is travel friendly too. Even though I loved the packaging, I feel little disappointed with it because the tub packaging makes it unhygienic. We have to dip our finger every time into the tub to take out the cream, If the product comes in tube, it would be much better than this.

Lakme Perfect Radiance

Shelf Life:

It is a thick cream therefore 15 gm of product will lasts for about 20 days maximum if used twice a day. Best before 24 months (2 years) from packaging.

How to use:

Apply the cream on the face moving the finger tips in a circular motion. Smooth on every morning and evening on cleansed skin to discover skin that’s not only truly fair but glows from within. For external use only.

My View About Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream:

Today I am going to review a fairness cream from Lakme, a well known popular cosmetic brand. Basically I am not that crazy about fairness creams or lotions as I love my dusky complexion and I am not the one who crave for whiter pale skin. Fairness creams are not going to make me or anyone magically fair though. The main reason why I purchased this fairness day cream is that I loved the face wash from this range very much. So I thought of trying the fairness cream from this perfect radiance range and using it for about a month. Let me give my review about it with its pros and cons.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream

The fragrance is flowery and sweet as same as the face wash from this range. To say about the consistency of the cream, it is very smooth, creamy and milkish peach in colour. It spreads easily and absorbs easily without any trouble on my skin. Unlike most of the other fairness creams, it is very light on my skin, it doesn’t make my skin feel heavy or tight. The main thing, it’s not greasy at all. It instantly brightened my skin without leaving any whitish cast. But remember, In darker skin tones, it may leave a ashy cast if applied too much. With regular use, it reduced my acne scars up to an extent and made my skin tone even. It think it removed little tan too as it claims. As I am a “normal to oily” skinned girl, this cream suits me best for day time usage but dry skins should stay away from this. There is no moisturizing effect at all. This product is surely not for dry skins and some normal skins too may feel this less moisturizing in winters. Eventhough I love to use it as a perfect day cream, I am not ready to go with it to nourish my skin at nights, my skin needs an extra nourishing night cream. So allover, it’s a perfect day cream which is light, which gives instant brightening effect, stays longer on face and best to use only for oily skinned people. It also acts a superb makeup base but dry skinned people shouldn’t go for it.


  1. Cute, Sturdy and Travel friendly packaging
  2. Smooth texture of the cream which is very creamy and spreads easily.
  3. Lovable flowery fragrance which gives instant freshness.
  4. This day cream instantly brightens skin without any greasy feel or heaviness.
  5. A very best day cream and a make up base for oily and super oily skins.
  6. It reduces the appearance of scars and evened out my skin tone up to a great extent.
  7. Removes sun tan as it claims, only with regular use.
  8. The tub is fully filled with cream, hence it’s affordable for the quantity and quality. A 50gm tub will last for more than 2 months.
  9. No side effects, no breakouts if used in normal and oily skins. Safe to use.


  1. No moisturizing effect! Dry skins stay away.
  2. Tub Packaging which is unhygienic.
  3. Contains Parabens. Which cosmetic today doesn’t?

No other cons, the only main thing that bothers people is that the product has no moisturizing effect. But it’s not a big con according to this cream because they didn’t claim at all that this cream will moisturize your skin. The product only claims that it “Reduces oiliness”. So, the Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream lives up to its claims. Worth of money!

My Recommendation:

Oily Skins go head, it will suit you best in all the seasons. Normal skins, summer is alright but stay away from this cream in winters and dry people, just forget about this product. This is not for you in any season.

                                                                                          LAKME_PERFECT_RADIANCE_BEFORE _AFTER


Will I repurchase this product ? Sure, Every time! I love it because it instantly brightens, evens out my skin with daily use and acts as a good makeup base too.

Quantity: 50gm

Product Price: Rs. 249

To buy Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream from, Click here.

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