DIY Tinted Lip Balm

I totally love Experimenting & Trying out new things. After Re-bonding my hair on my own my next DIY experiment was Making Lip Balm out of Crayons. Yes You”ll read it right”Crayons”!  When I first heard about crayon lipsticks ,  I too had the same Reaction but then It is completely safe to use crayons […]

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Fried chicken

Type 2 Diabetes – 7 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

Type 2 Diabetes is very common among people nowadays and one can see a lot of information over the internet. Though most of the information is true and actually helps diabetic patients, some of them can be really false. Though diabetic patients need to watch what they eat carefully, it really doesn’t mean that they […]

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Pistachios reduce heart problems

Benefits of Dry Fruits for Health and Beauty

If you read through a lot of diet plans, you probably already know about the benefits of dry fruits and in that case, you also maybe know that you need to consume dry fruits to lose weight effectively. Almost every diet regime talks about dry fruits as they work exceptionally well to help you lose […]

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Digital Football Nail Art Designs with logos

Top 5 Digital Football Nail Art Designs

Many of us love sports, whether it’s cricket, tennis or basketball, but with the football season becoming extremely hot this season, we decided to come up with the top 5 Digital Football Nail Art designs just for you! If you’ve been missing the FIFA World Cup 2014, make sure you’re updated with the recent matches […]

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Top 10 Tricks to Mend Split Ends

Top 10 Tricks to Mend Split Ends Split ends are among the most common problems woman face today. The ends are the sign of unhealthy hair and hamper the aesthetics of your hair.  Do you have rough, brown, dead edges at the end of luscious healthy hair to spoil its beauty? Well, we have got […]

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High fiber foods - Raspberries

7 Best High Fiber Foods to Lose Weight in a Jiffy

High fiber foods are an important part of your diet as they not only help you lose weight but also reduce the chances of many diseases. Many people believe that high fiber foods don’t play a good role in making you feel full for a long time. That’s total nonsense as there are loads of […]

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Perfume girl

Brush Up Your Scent Etiquettes

Brush Up Your Scent Etiquettes Fragrances have magnificent qualities of taking you down the memory lane. They have strange powers of seeking attention of even a stranger. Human brain can relate instances to particular smells that is why the perfume that people use, contributes a lot in making an impression. Find the way to charm […]

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5 Best Youtube Makeup Tutorials Inspired by Hollywood Celebs

Top 5 Youtube Makeup Tutorials  Hollywood movies and stars are always a huge inspiration for makeup lovers. We have to admit that these cinematic styles are a lot more interesting & fun than the usual . Keeping this in mind, we encompassed the 5 best makeup videos from massive you tube collection. Audrey Hepburn Breakfast […]

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Digital nail art design

Top 10 Digital Nail Art Designs That Rock

Nail art has become an obsession with many women nowadays and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go gaga over nail art, especially when you can indulge in some amazing digital nail art designs. Nail art is as important as your make up but check out some of these digital nail art designs that are […]

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toned body

How to Get a Toned Body with Simple Exercises

How to Get a Toned Body with Simple Exercises We all know that exercising is beneficial in many ways. However, most people do not exercise. While some of these people act ignorant towards their increasing weight and health issues, some want to exercise to stay fit but are unable to do so due to their […]

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stomach fluids

Ascites – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ascites – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Portal hypertension is the alternative name for ascites. The organs of abdomen are contained in a membrane called peritoneum. Usually, no fluid is found in the peritoneum cavity, although a small amount(less than an ounce) can be found inside a women based on the menstrual cycle. Ascites is nothing, […]

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Lose weight quickly

5 Tips to Lose Weight in Just 10 Days

There are countless ways to lose weight in a short span of time. There are many tips you can find on the internet and after a while, many people give up since the tips don’t work. However, losing weight quickly is not an easy process for everyone as it depends on the metabolism of the body. […]

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Elegant braided bun

Styling a Low Bun

When it comes to turning a bad hair day into a bun, styling your hair into a low bun could turn that bad hair day into a ‘wow’ day! This style of bun is super easy and because of the summer weather, having your hair down is like playing with fire. Well, maybe not fire, […]

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Bridal Mehandi Design

Top Ten Best Bridal Mehendi Designs

It’s time to choose among the best bridal mehendi designs! A wedding is a dream for most women, no matter where they hail from. Though westerners get married amidst a lot of celebration, there is nothing that can be compared to our big fat Indian weddings. It’s the time when most women become nervous and […]

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Wicked weight loss ideas that work!

Wicked weight loss ideas that work! If you aren’t the one to follow diet plans and that junk is your favourite food, there are some ready weird weight loss ideas that you can easily try. Weight loss is just an effort away. Some tips below will help you get into perfect figure and aren’t really […]

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red lips

Beginners Guide for Applying Lipstick

Beginners Guide for Applying Lipstick A lipstick can spice up things on a normal day or add sophistication and glamour when you wear it to parties. While lipstick was used by women in the earlier days only to appear more attractive, lipsticks manufactured these days also moisturize lips and protect them from the harmful rays […]

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thin hair

Haircuts to make your Thin Hair look Fuller

Haircuts to make your Thin Hair look Fuller Wondering what to do with those tresses that just don’t grow? When you have thin hair there are some standard hair rules that should be applied and the right cutting techniques that must be used and your tresses look perfectly voluminous in no time. Enjoy the mentioned […]

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Celebrity Makeup Blunders Caught on Cam

Celebrity Makeup Blunders Caught on Cam The Fashionista Kangana Ranaut who always amazes us with her sense of fashion, commits a makeup blunder once in a blue moon. The bronze look is too in your face and the lip gloss looks overdone. Being in the limelight is a tough business that allows no mistakes, not […]

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kim's bronze look

Get Kim’s Bronze Look in 4 Steps

 Get Kim’s Bronze Look in 4 Steps Known for her perfectly contoured face, Kim Kardashian is only turning sexier by the day. The new mommy once gave bronze the respect it deserved in the beauty business and today girls swear by it. If you want to know how she gets that glow and want some, […]

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6 Tips to Accelerate your Weight Loss in Summers

6 Tips to Accelerate your Weight Loss in Summers Summer season is here. It is time to show off your toned body wearing shorts and bikinis. Is it difficult for you because of the extra fat at improper places? Don’t worry, because quick ways to lose weight do exist. The added benefit of summers is […]

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Four Ways Women can tackle Facial Hair Growth

Four Ways Women can tackle Facial Hair Growth All women have facial hair but the amount of it varies from individual to individual. Normally, women have only thin and fine hair on the face, neck and chest. Facial hair growth becomes a problem when the hair in these areas starts to grow dark and thick as […]

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How to do a Hair Bow

Everyone loves to have a cute hairstyle that makes people say, “how did she do that?”, and having a hair bow will definitely have those folks bowing down. Not only that, but your hair is going to be the talk of the town. You’re going to get so many compliments that it’s probably going to […]

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bridal hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles that are always Glamorous

Wedding Hairstyles that are always Glamorous Whether you’re donning a fingertip length veil or just a short choli with a glamorous lehenga, from simple understated strands to rolled back updos that are high on glam, there’s so much to explore out there.  Check out some of the best and most gorgeous wedding hairdos that never […]

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beauty tricks using a spoon

Beauty Tricks Using a Spoon

Beauty Tricks Using a Spoon There’s a lot more to spoons than just meals. You can turn them around to remove puffiness or use them as perfect remedies to fix an old makeup kit. If you know the right beauty tricks, you can make use of these spoons and get quick solutions to annoying beauty […]

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Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Look from the People’s Choice Awards

Jennifer Lawrence has taken Hollywood by storm, especially with her flawless looks and her saucy attitude. Jennifer Lawrence’s look from this years People’s Choice Awards has everyone in awe, because lets face it, she looked totally awesome. Her makeup game was definitely on point, as was her wardrobe. Even though her Valentino dress didn’t really […]

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